Ph.D. Position: Evaluating Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) Catalysts in Alkaline Media



The group of Dr. Zeis Electrochemical Energy Conversion investigates the roots of power losses in fuel cells and batteries. We examine technically relevant systems from single cells and cell components to electrochemical structural studies on model electrodes starting from different levels. Our goal is to develop a basic understanding of the cell processes and use this knowledge to develop more efficient systems.
The science city Ulm is a recognized center for applied electrochemical research in Germany. On-site is the university with its research focus on "fundamental electrochemistry", the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW), and the Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU). Our group works closely with all Helmholtz Institute Ulm partner institutions, the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research in Baden-Württemberg, the German Aerospace Center, and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Therefore, a unique range of methods and the necessary skills are available for the successful realization of the Ph.D. project.

Job description

You are part of an international team developing a novel type of aluminum-air battery. Your responsibility extends from synthesizing catalyst material to implementing these in gas diffusion electrodes and evaluating them in electrochemical cells. The results you obtain will publish in scientific journals and present at national and international conferences.

Personal qualification

- A completed university degree in chemistry, material science, or engineering - Experiences with electrochemical methods such as impedance spectroscopy and cyclic voltammetry - Synthesis of catalyst materials and manufacturing of gas diffusion electrodes - Evaluating ORR catalysts - Good knowledge of English - A passion for innovative and international research - Ability to work in a team

Contact person

Dr. Roswitha Zeis Tel. +49 (0731) 50 34700


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