Annual visit of the divisional management

On 31.05.2017, Prof. Doris Wedlich and Dr. Christian Röthig came to the HIU during the annual visit of the divisional management. After a presentation of the activities of the HIU by the director Prof. Maximilian Fichtner and a subsequent discussion, three scientists from HIU presented their research areas and were available to answer questions: Dr. Franziska Klein informed about the research activity of the HIU regarding halide ion batteries. The research of Dr. Birger Horstmann deals with the use of zinc-air batteries with regard to novel electrolytes. Dr. Dominic Bresser, in turn, researches alternative anodes for lithium-ion batteries.


In a following round of questions, representatives of the directorate, the science and the administration also got into conversation. At the end of the meeting, the visit ended with a walk through the building and a guided tour of the labs.


Prof. Dr. Doris Wedlich has been Head of Division for the Division I since 2014. The Division I combines research, teaching and innovation in the scientific disciplines of biology, chemistry and process engineering. Dr. Christian Röthig, in turn, is responsible for the areas of human resources and resources.

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