Energy Transition in the EU: Workshop on Energy Storage at HIU

November 24, 2021

Hybrid Workshop at Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU) – “EU Clean Energy Transition: Perspectives and Challenges for Energy Storage”

Event: Hybrid Event, face-to-face, personally at HIU/Ulm and online
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Date: 24.11.2021, 02:00 – 06:00 P.M. o’clock

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Europe is facing the major challenge of implementing the energy transition to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, as adopted by the European Green Deal in December 2019. The future energy grid has to be flexible enough to accommodate higher shares of variable renewable generation such as solar and wind power in a secure way. Hence, the development and integration of affordable as well as sustainable energy storage capacity gets crucial for the clean energy transition.

Workshop: EU Clean Energy Transition – Perspectives and Challenges for Energy Storage

A major challenge of ongoing research and industrial efforts is to connect technical research with environmental, economic and societal aspects. In this respect, user behaviour, acceptance of implemented technical solutions as well as an evaluation of different possible business cases for valorising offered current flexibility in electricity consumption are needed. Also, energy storage available at competitive market prices remains a missing piece in the large scale roll out of renewable energies worldwide. Finally, fostering transnational cooperation, supporting knowledge transfer and industry uptake is also a challenge that should be pursued.

Core issues of the workshop

What are the socio-economic energy storage expectations by 2030/2050 and what opportunities and challenges, including on access and affordability, does it imply for consumers? What are the industry plans for the future energy system with a focus on storage (mid and long-term)? How can research contribute to make storage resources more affordable? What R&I priorities, gaps and models of industry-research collaboration that can be shared and replicated in other EU countries and contexts in the batteries sector? How can StoRIES services enhance the innovation uptake? These are some of the questions the workshop will address.

This workshop, jointly organised by StoRIES, Joint Programme for Energy Storage (EERA) and SUPEERA project, is a timely opportunity for bringing together researchers, industry, end-users, policymakers and other stakeholders. The goal is to exchange views on key issues for the storage sector and discuss possible future scenarios of the energy system. All participants will be invited to continue the interesting discussions and to network with other participants by attending the dinner that will take place right after the workshop.

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