First battery workshop with a focus on women researchers

July 28th, 2021

The Battery Cluster of Excellence “Post Lithium Storage” hosted the first international, virtual workshop on “Post-Lithium Research: Women in Focus” on July 27th and 28th. A number of HIU scientists were among the organizers of the workshop (Montaha Anjass, Sonia Dsoke, Christine Kranz and Ijaz Mohsin) as well as among the participants.

The aim of the workshop was to highlight the role of women in modern post-lithium energy storage research. Although there has been visible progress in gender equality research in recent years, women are still underrepresented in STEM subjects and their research is often given less attention than their male counterparts. This is particularly evident in the filling of managerial positions. The interest of many researchers in this topic was shown by the high number of participants of around 220. Numerous outstanding, international scientists in the field of Post-Li research took part in the workshop. For the first time worldwide, an event on battery research placed a special focus on the work of women scientists.  

15 invited scientists showed a wide range of topics, from basic materials and electrolyte research to advanced characterization and applications. Renowned plenary speakers such as Kristina Edström (Uppsala University), Clare Gray (University of Cambridge), Montserrat Casas Cabanas (CIC energiGUNE) or Maria Rosa Palacín (Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona) gave insights into their very different scientific careers – all of them outstanding role models for young scientists.

In addition to the lecture program, there was a digital poster session with a total of 28 contributions. The posters by Clarissa Glaser and Luca Schneider, both doctoral students in the Cluster of Excellence, were awarded the Best Poster Award. Clarissa Glaser deals with the “Investigation of MgZ2Se4 (Z = Sc, Er, Tm, Y) Spinels as Mg Ion Conductors for All Solid State Mg Batteries” and Luca Schneider’s poster has the topic “Cathode Tortuosity: Porous Nanostructured vs. Bulk Particles”.

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