HIU Biennial Meeting 2023

July 11-12, 2023

This year, the closed conference of the Helmholtz Institute Ulm took place on the premises of the POLiS Cluster of Excellence (LM16). A former production hall of Daimler AG served as the venue. The researchers at the HIU exchanged views on all current and relevant topics of electrochemical energy storage at the two-day retreat. As always, the focus was on the material properties for future, innovative battery cells.

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The meeting started with the presentation of experimental “Methods and Techniques” for investigating battery materials. For this purpose, certain new analysis devices were presented, which have recently become available to the researchers at the HIU. The HIU researchers, employed through the German Aerospace Center (DLR), presented their research findings in the field of battery modelling.

Another subject area was filled exclusively with research lectures on lithium-ion batteries: The focus here was, for example, the prediction of battery aging and cell analysis, electrode coatings and the improvement of lithium intercalation kinetics. On the second day of the conference, cell chemistries beyond lithium-ion technology were presented and research on “mechanisms, interfaces and interphases” was presented.

Finally, the topics “solid-state batteries” and research on “sustainable materials and processes” found their place in the examination program.

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