Prof. Fichtner is honored with “Ulmer Köpfchen 2023” award

September 16th, 2023

HIU director Professor Maximilian Fichtner was awarded the “Ulmer Köpfchen” this year. The “Ulmer Köpfchen” honors people who have achieved something special for society through their work. Fichtner was honored as a researcher for his work on the “battery of the future”.

In addition to Maximilian Fichtner, Gülay Kul, integration manager in the Biberach district, also received the award for her work this year. This year’s specially assembled search committee included, among others, Neu-Ulm’s mayor Katrin Albsteiger and Ulm’s mayor Iris Mann.

The “Ulmer Köpfchen” goes back to the Ulm master goldsmith Wolf-Peter Schwarz, who had already made and sold individual heads in the 1990s. In 2020, he wanted to give his little heads a contemporary meaning – as a sign of community and cohesion.

Those people should be honored “who do or say things far away from the loud mainstream that no one would have expected of them,” says the website. What is crucial, however, is that it pursues a social or community goal.


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