Modval18: Symposium on Modeling of Fuel Cells and Batteries

December 10, 2021

Intl. Symposium on Modeling of Fuel Cells and Batteries

In these days, a new edition of the „Modval“ Symposium is being organized by the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The conference is held on March 14-16, 2022 and is co-sponsored by the Helmholtz Institute Ulm and POLiS Cluster of Excellence. More than 100 attendees will be expected and will have the opportunity to extend their networking promoting new research collaborations.

Event: Modval18 will be held in presence.
COVID19-Restrictions: The “2G” rule applies. We ensure to provide you with the maximum possible safety.
Registrations via event website
Date: March 14-16, 2022



Modval18 is the 18th event of an international symposium on Modeling and Experimental Validation on fuel cells and batteries. Initiated in 2004, the symposium aims to connect researchers in academia and industry as well as theorists and experimentalists. Taking place every year in March, the venue alternates between Germany and Switzerland and is always hosted by an academic institution. This time it is organized by the DLR Institute for Technical Thermodynamics, based in Stuttgart. The DLR models batteries as a partner of the Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU).

Focus of the symposium is to present and discuss the latest research, the advances made in modeling, as well as in experimental work for model validation for fuel cells, batteries and electrolysis.

The conference focuses on Modeling and Validation of Electrochemical Energy Devices. Contributing authors are encouraged to pay special attention to the validation of their modeling approaches. Innovative models of batteries and fuel cells are highly welcome.

The symposium will at least cover the following topics:

Modeling and Simulation

  • Atomistic theoretical chemistry
  • Particle scale modeling
  • Microstructure-resolved modeling
  • Volume-averaged cell modeling
  • Data-driven modeling


  • In situ chemical, electrochemical and microstructural characterization methods
  • Ex situ model experiments to retrieve relevant parameters
  • Imaging and spectroscopic techniques

Call for Abstracts (submission ends December 31, 2021)

We thank you for being interested in giving a presentation / poster presentation at the Modval18. Looking forward to read your abstract we are delighted that you have chosen to participate actively in this conference. As in previous years, the Modval18 will feature invited talks, contributing talks, and poster presentations.

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