PhD Club at HIU

Goals of the PhD Club at HIU

- Networking between the research groups of the HIU for possible collaborations

- Promoting the professional training of doctoral students by organizing seminars, training courses and meetings with industry representatives.

- Enlivening social life through various events such as barbecues, regulars' tables, laser tags, etc.


The Central Committee of the PhD Club is elected annually to lead all activities and it organizes various events to achieve the goals of the club. The members of the Central Committee 2021 are (on the picture from left to right):

- Venkateswarlu Pamidi
- Kerstin Köble
- Yasaman Moghadam
- Franziska Kilchert 

- Janina Drews
- Mayokun Uzezi Olutogun


For questions and additional information, please contact us via: