Alessandro Inno­centi – Hybrid Orga­nic Bat­teries


Alessandro Innocenti is a HIU doctoral student from Italy. He has a background as Energy Engineer and started in May 2020 his challenging path in the context of the POLYSTORAGE European Training Network, which deals with the development of new polymeric materials as electrolytes and active materials for batteries.


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In particular, Alessandro Innocenti is dealing with the topic of hybrid organic batteries, which are batteries made of a lithium metal anode, a polymer electrolyte and a polymer-based cathode, i.e. solid-state batteries. Polymers are solid yet flexible membranes, and their use in batteries is sought to improve the safety and the sustainability of this kind of energy storage system. Safety, because the commonly used liquid electrolytes in commercial lithium-ion batteries are toxic and flammable, while polymers have a much higher stability and they avoid the formation of flames and leaks of dangerous chemicals in case of damages to the battery. Sustainability, because the polymers are made of highly abundant organic elements, that can be potentially obtained from waste or regenerative sources, while standard cathode materials are made of expensive and rare metals, whose mining entails social and environmental issues.

In this video, he shows his work in the laboratories of the Helmholtz Institute Ulm, and how he carries on some of his research activities.

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