The research field of methods mainly focuses on the development and targeted application of selected analysis techniques to make reaction pathways and atomic phenomena of electrode materials and cells visible. In order to guarantee a long service life and safe operation of batteries, detailed knowledge of the processes involved in charging and discharging is required. These can only be recorded using special examination methods, which are further developed accordingly. Both, fully functional research cells and commercially available battery systems are analyzed.


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To investigate atomic processes, the researchers therefore use sensitive analysis methods – sometimes in real time during the charging and discharging process. By looking inside a battery – without impairing its function – changes in material due to fatigue and aging can be recognized and damage mechanisms can be precisely observed. On the basis of this information, the scientists at the HIU can then make targeted recommendations for material development for more powerful and safe energy storage systems.

Research Groups at HIU

Dr. Reiner Mönig Research Group Dr. Reiner Mönig The research group of Dr. Reiner Mönig develops microscopic and mechanical methods in order to be able to specifically research the developed batteries with these analysis techniques. View research group
Prof. Dr. Christian Kübel Research Group Prof. Christian Kübel The aim of the research group is to research the structure and morphology of novel battery materials and components. View research group
Dr. Holger Geßwein Research Group Dr. Holger Geßwein Research group of Dr. Holger Geßwein at HIU View research group

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